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    Enjoy the browsing and thank you for clicking on this site and the sites of my STAR ALLIANCES

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    I am a prolific writer with over 55 book titles.

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  • Learning About Values

    Learning About Values

    I am the creator of the game Learning About Values.

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    Gestion MDS

    President and CEO, Gestion M.D.S. Management Inc

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    MBV Suite

    Management By Values is a software division and a propriety of a Joint Venture between Gestion MDS



Welcome to my homepage.

You will notice that I am a very curious person and thus involved in many projects. I consider myself to be a modern DON Quijote, trying to impact the world to make it a better place. My arsenal to affect changes are my books, my innovative educational games, my software products, and of course my training of hundreds of graduate students (on the scholarly side) and executives and coaches (on the more practical side).

I am convinced that an effective change agent needs to have three things: a concept, a methodology and a set of tools. Over the years I had attempted to work on these three areas.  I am blessed to engage in activities with talented collaborators, and I hope that by browsing through my website you can find an interest in one of the products or services that we are offering.  With all humility, you will notice that my wings spread over many continents and I use a platform of multiple languages.

Enjoy the browsing and thank you for clicking on this site and the sites of my STAR ALLIANCES
Dr. Simon L. Dolan
At your service